About the Founder


           Amy Matthews is the founder of Amy Matthews skincare. She was born and raised in Oregon most of her childhood. Shortly after graduating high school, she received a scholarship to study musical theatre in NYC. However, after continuously dealing with skin issues for so long, she decided to focus on finding a solution for her skin after graduating school. She struggled with oily and acne prone skin starting in her early teens and into adulthood. At a young age, she was encouraged to try skin laser treatments, acne medication and strong medicated facial products. She kept trying several skincare products but unfortunately nothing seemed to work. That's when she decided to dive deeper into learning what it would really take to achieve healthy and glowing skin also leading her into the beauty industry.            

            Living in New York City, she had the opportunity to work at L'Oreal and Sephora's corporate headquarters where she learned a lot about the beauty industry. After years of research, she discovered how to clear up her skin by adjusting to a skin friendly diet and switching to natural skincare products. She eventually discovered the power and effectiveness of natural ingredients and simplicity within skincare formulation which led her to start a skincare line that supports her philosphy.

            Today it is her goal to not only formulate high performing and natural skincare products but also empower others to look and feel their best! Experiencing the pains and frustrations of acne, she hopes to help others achieve clear skin, regain confidence and work towards glowing and healthy skin long term. Amy is also committed to giving back and gives a portion of her brands proceeds to underprivileged children.