Men's Skincare

Men's Skincare

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Our Men's skincare package features Clarifying Tea Tree face oil and Deep Hydration beard oil. This is the perfect duo for men who occasionally get breakouts and also need a nourishing oil to soften their beard.


Clarifying tea tree, a fast-absorbing face oil, works to combat bacteria that causes breakouts.

Star ingredient: Tea Tree Oil

Although tea tree often gets a bad rep for irritating the skin, the difference lies within the formula. Our formula is simple yet powerful. With only four 100% natural ingredients, it is gentle enough for sensitive skin and the perfect percentage of tea tree to do the work without causing irritation.



Deep Hydration will soften and nourish your skin and beard providing optimal hydration through powerful natural ingredients.

Star ingredient: Argan Oil

It's high in vitamin E and it doesn't leave a greasy residue. Argan oil combined with castor and cedarwood oil will nourish your beard and skin without blocking pores leaving your beard feeling soft and hydrated. It is a must-have for healthy skin and beard.

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