Our Story

For a long time I struggled with skin issues such as acne, rough skin texture and extremely sensitive and oily skin. I tried everything from skin laser treatments, acne medication and strong acne medicated skincare products. I continued looking for that perfect product to solve my skin insecurities and couldn't find it. As an aspiring Broadway performer in NYC, my skin issues continued and at times becoming worse than ever before. That was a turning point for me as I was on a mission to find a solution for my skin. I started diving deep into skincare ingredients, formulation and everything that caused acne. I also enrolled in School of Natural Skincare to get my diploma in skincare formulation. Throughout my skincare journey, my discovery was this...

1. Making my own 100% natural skincare was key to healing my skin. Especially my 100% natural face oils which are vitamin-rich, non-comedogenic and contain many benefits for the skin. If you are struggling with breakouts, I highly recommend Clarifying Tea Tree face oil.

2. Adjusting to a healthy lifestyle, skin-friendly diet and natural targeted supplementation made a huge difference.

Check out my top 10 diet tips for clearer skin by clicking on the "skin-friendly diet" tab. :) 

- Founder Amy Matthews